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Lettered Initials for a friend. Advertisements

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Question from: Greg ” I know for a fact that you burp like a rum-filled sailor. How in the world would you hand letter such a thing?”

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“X”treme Letter

Just a letter exercise to mix things up a little.

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Upside Collective Monogram Poster

I work at a small design firm in Schenectady, NY called Upside Collective. I lettered each employees initials and created this promo poster, that turned out being the size of … Continue reading

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Favorite Firefly Quote

Question from: Michael – “What is your favorite quote from Firefly/Serenity?” The show if full of amazing quotes. Followed by this quote I also really like: “This food is problematic” … Continue reading

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Iced Caramel Coffee

Question from: Greg – “What is your favorite Starbucks drink?” Simple, delicious, and it gives me caffeine. Thanks Greg!

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      Question from: deeee – “x-tina… WHEN will I get a job?! :P” The only wall between you and success are the limits you place on yourself. I sound … Continue reading

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Dandy Chique

Question from: Kaylee “What style of fashion do you prefer?” I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called but that’s what i’m going with.  

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So, It Begins

Let the questions roll in! @xtinaissharp “your question” #QandampA

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